Sunday, March 29, 2015

WW100 - Great War Exhibition Miniatures

I finished my last 33 Turk and Fernleaf soldiers this evening, just before the deadline. It was a huge privilege to be involved in the project.

If you need catching up on what all this is about, Sir Peter Jackson has commissioned a diorama to be constructed as part of the WW100 programme which will appear in the old Dominion Museum and National War Memorial in Wellington. The exhibition will open a week before ANZAC Day and run through until November 2018.

The diorama will feature some 4,000 soldiers, depicting the battle for Chunuk Bair. This is a special interest area for me, having studied this part of the campaign when I was a student, and attempting my own diorama at the time (though I did not have the appropriate era soldiers, much to my teacher's disappointment!). Hopefully I have atoned for that sin.

Former GW sculptors Michael and Alan Perry have provided the 54 mm troops. You can see New Zealand's other miniature painters and their efforts on the official blog Mustering the Troops. I simply cannot wait to see all these miniatures in place on the diorama, which is supposedly contour-accurate, based on digital scanning of the landscape care of Weta Workshop.

Looking forward to getting these guys sent away for their final placement on the diorama. I plan on heading down to see it when it opens, and help celebrate and remember this important moment in New Zealand's history.

The Turks Advance

My three ANZAC Troops

A small piece of the final diorama

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